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Brand new rules

This is overall a big update on all of the wiki's rules
Starting off with the most important discussion, is the removal of message walls. I am letting you choose whether to keep them or replace them with simple user talk pages, in the comments below. The reason for this is the big amount of message wall spam and completely unnecessary drama which is everywhere.
Now, as you may have already noticed, I have removed Top 10 lists, achievements, Maps, etc. These were unnecessary as well as a big reason for spam too.
I will also remove the chat for around a week in December due to big chat changes; those include brand new emoticons, chat welcome messages, etc.
The next thing has to do with some polls I made awhile ago, but totally forgot about. So, I didn't really make any conclusions out of the polls, and I'd like to say recolored images are still allowed, and so are Vanellope recolors and other Fanon members of the von Schweetz family. Though, pages considered as stubs or with very bad quality grammar will be put up for deletion.
I'd also like to announce more userboxes are to come! As well as a lot more neat stuff for the wiki and its fine users
The next thing is about warnings and blocks. From now on, I will only give 1 warning before applying a 1 day block (along with another warning). Then, a 1 week block with a 3rd and final warning. And then, finally, a 3 week block and then a 1 month block. And so on until an indefinite block.
And I guess that's all. Please comment with your opinions on message walls removal, what you think about it and if you support it, or not.
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Wreck-It Ralph Fanon Wiki Awards 2014: Results

Hey, everyone! So, voting has ended and now it's time to announce the awards winners! This year we had a lot more votes than last year. Every nominee in every category had at least 3 votes!
Anyway, let's get to what really matters... the winners! Are you ready to know who they are?!
And with 19 votes out of 35 votes... this year's winner of Best Fanon Character title is... Twister von Schweetz!
With 15 votes out of 32, the winner of this year's Best Character award is... Vanellope von Schweetz!
With 8 votes out of 31 votes, after a long battle with Harry Bo (last year's winner of the award) and Jelliot Gluzentin who both ended up with 7 votes, Francis Rainbowflipper is the winner!
And with 13 votes out of 33, after a huge battle for the crown with Glitchy van Glitchnessly, Twister von Schweetz is the winner!
With 12 votes out of 31 votes, the winner of this year's Best Villain award is... the The Game Bad Side series' villain, Gloster!
The best couple with 10 votes out of 33 is... Mark O'Cream and Twister von Schweetz! Our hearts belong to you two.
With 15 votes out of 31... this year's winner of the Best User title is... me!! Oh my god, thank you all SO much!
And with 15 votes out of 29 votes, the winner fan-fiction of the Best Fan-Fiction award is... The Game Bad Side 2: Gloster Returns!
With 26 votes out of 30, this year's winner of the Best Fan Game award is... Sugar Rush: New Generation!
And with 16 votes out of 31 votes, this year's Best Bully and Drama Queen is... Strawbetty Muttonfudge!
This year's best pallete swap, with 31 VOTES out of 33 is... Twister von Schweetz! The 3rd award she's taking home this year!!
And with 17 votes out of 32, the winner of this year's Best Cameo award is... the fastest hedgehog on earth, Sonic the Hedgehog!
With 10 votes out of 34 votes, the winner of the Best Artist title is... Haliboot!
So, I think that's all. Continue to celebrate 2014 with us! Many more events coming soon we are sure you'll love.
Goodbye, everyone! See you in next year's awards!
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