a whole new world is a fanfiction created by 1816adry


wreck it ralph


fix it felix


all the sugar rush racers

sour bill

people in the real world

sara silverman and the rest of the cast of wreck it ralph


it was a few minutes after the arcade closed and the sugar rush racers were putting there coins in the giant gold cup candlehead went last

candlehead:*thows gold coinn into cup* yes *notices that vanellope kart starts roleing away*  VANELLOPES KART

vanellope:*notices her karts roling away* MY KART

then calhoun,ralph,and felix walk up to vanellope

ralph:hi vanellope we wanted to know if you wanted to do something since its saturday night and

vanellope:no time follow me *runs after kart*

then ralph,calhoun,felix,and all the sugar rush racers  follow vanellope then when vanellope gets to the castle

vanellope:*knocks on the castle door loundly* sourbill open up its me

sourbill:*opens door* hellow

then vanellopes kart roles into the castle

vanellope:MY KART

then everyone runs after the kart and it leads them to the code room then the kart stops

vanellope:oh thank goodness *gets infront of the kart* for a minute i thught that *puts hands on the door way* oh no *gets behind the kart*

then the kart rolls into the code then it disapers

vanellope:oh no

candlehead:were did it go

sourbill:maybe some sorta diffrent world

vanellope:see yah *jumps into the code then disapers*

ralph:KID *then ralph jumps jumps into the code to and then disipers*

calhoun:should we go after them felix

felix:i think so

then calhoun and felix jump into the code to and then a few minutes later vanellope jumps out of a water fountain and shes totaly dry but only shes not in the arcade shes in a city and shes in the real world not the disney animation word and the biggest thing of all vanellope is sara siverman but she still had her voice

vanellope:wow sourbill was right *looks into the fountain* wow im a adult what is this place its amazing

then calhoun,ralph,and felix come out of the fountain and there the people that play there voices in the movie

ralph:*looks at vanellope* vanelllope why are you a adult

vanellope:i dont know but isnt it cool vanellope and felix you are as tall as calhoun

felix:what is this place

calhoun:i dont know but this fountain must lead back to the arcade

ralph:well i think this place is alsome to but we have to get back to the arcade before it opens

vanellope:and before the random roster race and those 2 thing happen sorta at the same time so yah but first we have to find my kart

ralph:good point kid ok lets find her kart and quick

felix:me and tammy will go over there and ralph you and vanellope go of there


vanellope:*sees a girl walking and then a man comes and pushes her and then walks away then vanellope walks up to the man* why did you do that

man:whats your problem

vanellope:why did you do that

man:she was in my way

vanellope:well next time please walk around her

man:find i will *walks away*

vanellope:*helps girl get up* are you ok

katie lowes:yeah thanks for helpin me


katie lowes:no katie lowes who are you

vanellope:im vanellope von schweetz

ralph:*runs over* she means uh uh sara um uh silverman yeah sara silverman

katie lowes:um ok i hope i see you later uh bye *walks away*

vanellope:why didnt you tell her my name was vanellope

ralph:hellow vanella vanellope we cant let everyone know were from a world with alive video game or elesthey might take away the fountain

vanellope:your rightralph we better get back to trying to find my kart


katie lowes:*walks back to them* by the way whats your name

ralph:oh im wreck it ralph i mean uh john um c. uh reilly

katie lowes:oh well thanks and you both have wonderfull names *walks away*


katie lowes:THANKS

vanellope:anyway lets get back to finding my kart

then vanellopes kart roles by

vanellope:after it

meanwhile.. sourbill and the sugar rush racers were in the castle

taffata:there gone for ever and ever and ever *starts crying*

candlehead:dont worrie taffata they will be ok

taffata:*mascara starts running* no they wont

candlehead:yes they will

rancis:vanellope and the others will be back soon

meanwhile.. back in the real world felix and calhoun were walking

felix:do you see it yet

calhoun:no not yet maybe the others are havin better luck then us *calls ralph on celephone* hellow ralph you found it it its running away what the ralph *hangs up*

felix:did they find it

calhoun:yes but it seems that its running through the street


meanwhile.. ralph and vanellope were runnin after the kart

ralph:man this thing os fast

vanellope:yup *jumps into kart* yes

but then vanellope notices that her and ralph are on a very very very steep road and then her karts starts running down it supper fast

vanellope:*screams* this is so cool

ralph:dont worrie kid im coming *starts running down the steep road*

vanellope:YAH I LOVE THIS


then when vanellopes kart gets to the bottome of the road the kart breaks into pieces

vanellope:my kart

then ralph reashes to the bottom of the road

ralph:oh no

vanellope:*starts crying*

ralph:dont worrie kid when we find felix and calhoun felix can fix it i will call him right now *calls felix on celephone* hellow felix listend vanellope is upset listend to your self i know you can were are you guys you dont know we dont know either ok ok bye *hangs up* well there good news and bad news kid good news felix can fix it bad news were all hopelessly loss

vanellope:*starts crying harder*

ralph:poor kid *calls felix on his cellphone again*  felix you and calhoun meet us at the fountain *hangs up phone* kid good news and bad news good news we are gonna meet calhoun and felix at the fountain the bad news is we are hopelessly lost so we dont know were it is but we will soon so some on lets go *puts kart in a garbage can carries vanellope on his shoulder and the kart to*

vanellope:*starts crying harder*

more coming soon....

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