Absynth's doll by Metzco Toys

Absynth (known as Abbey by her friends) is a female racer in the Living Dead Raceaway (Game).She is unlocked from the start. She is best friends with Pixie.

Death Certificate

Killed by the wizard and thrust into the void; when she reemerged, she was quite paranoid.


Absynth:The cold-hearted victim!

Absynth was just in a game of truth or dare when she was alive,as one of her living friends dared her to fight the wizard beyond the cliffs,as Absynth did so,she ended up dying by the wizard magic stick going through her heart and being thrown into the void,she woke up in the Living Dead Raceaway with pride and joy.

Absynth's racing kart

Glowing Goblin

Absynth's racing kart,known as the Glowing Goblin

The Glowing Goblin is a glowing green racing kart covered in lines and has Spooky in blood writing on the back bumper and a Halloween pumpkin decoration on the bumper as well.The wheels have orange flavoured candy cane circles.And black pumpkins on the front and the sides and the back.And on the bumper there is a Halloween spiderweb decoration.

Memorable Quotes

  • Oh!
  • Princess?
  • Gl-Gl-Glitching!


  • Her story line is similar to Crumbelina DiCaramello from Sugar Rush.
  • Some people mistake Absynth as a boy.
  • She died from the wizard sticking his magic stick through her heart,and threw her into the void.


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