Original art from Adri-Gummi

Adreemond Chocomello is a rich and spunky racer in Sugar Rush. His candy themes are chocolate ice creams, the candy Chips Ahoy, M&M's, caramel and etc. This page has been created by the user Toffetia123, but all the credits belongs to the deviantart user "Adri-Gummi". His kart signature is the "Kartmel".


Adreemond is the most famous skier in Sugar Rush. He's the Vanellope's best friend. His parents are famous for working alongside the princess. He and Rancis Fluggerbutter are frenemies. He the fastest in the race, but he can't control his kart, in the part of the time.


  • Speed: 90%
  • Sweetness: 85%
  • Handling: 50%
  • Special Power: Pop Cakes


  • He won more than 5 trophies
  • His original name would be "Nutterly Butterscoop", but the creator thought it would not be a good name


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Danish Slikolade From "slik" (candy) united with "chokolade" (chocolate)
Dutch Keeuwkje Karamijs From "koekje" (cookie) united with "sneeuw" (snow) and "karamel" (caramel) united with "ijs" (cold)
French Renaud Chocomello Don't have meaning

アドリーモンッド チョコメロー

Adorīmonddo chokomerō

From English name
Brazilian Portuguese Fredericolate Caramelo From "caramelo" (caramel)
Russian Адриымондь Мароже From "Адриымондь" came from original "Adreemond" and "Мороженое" (ice cream)
Ukrainian Пончіска Глазурели From "пончики" (donuts) and "глазур" (icing)

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