Agatha (1)

Agatha's doll by Metzco Toys

"I was only doing what Jennocide was telling me to do,Princess!"
―Agatha talking to Betsy
Agatha is a racer in the Living Dead Raceaway (Game),she is unlocked from the start.She is best friends with Jennocide and Teddy.She bullies Betsy,because Betsy is a glitch.

Death Certificate

Agatha was once a shiny new doll

But age and decay she did befall

And now neglected and collecting dust

She views all other dolls with utter disgust


Agatha:The daughter of pure evil!

Agatha with her cracked little face,tries her best to win first place,but the zombie glitchie ruins her chance,so she get's revenge,because of her past.Agatha died a horrible death,so she befriended Jennocide and Teddy,with her glaring dark eyes she laughs like a hidden haunted treasure,she's the daughter of pure evil,what a plesure!

Agatha's racing kart

Agatha's racing kart is called the Too Young To Die,it is a pink cake,covered in blood,with wheels made by zombie skin.The back wheels have dead bats on them and the front wheels have drops of blood on them.

Too young to die racing kart

Agatha's racing kart the 'Too young to die'

Memorable Quotes

  • The zombie glitchie is th-the PRINCESS?!
  • Ha Ha Ha!
  • So so sorry,Betsy!


  • Her storyline is very similar to Candlehead from Sugar Rush.
  • Her racing kart the Too Young To Die is a recolor of Candlehead's Ice Screamer.
  • Her crack on her face is unknown how it got there,because her death doesn't tell you how it got there.
  • The Too Young To Die is a pink cake covered in blood,which may prove that Agatha's raing kart resembles a childs Birthday cake.
  • She died from starvation.

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