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Amy Venus
Download 12
Some attributes
First Female
Second Racer
Third Valentine Candy
Other attributes
Fourth Good
Fifth Alive

Amy Venus is a Sugar Rush racer. She appears only in the newest installment, which hasn't been released yet. She is a recolor of Crumbelina DiCarramello. Her theme appears to be Valentine's candies.


Take a gander in Amy's closet and you'll know exactly why her last name is the goddess of beauty. She has a good heart, too. She is not exactly a bad racer either. But she knows whether you win or lose, it's the heart that counts.


  • Speed- 60
  • Control- 50
  • Sweetness- 100




  • Her last name, Venus, is the roman goddess of love, which goes along with her theme.
  • Her name means love.

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