Ann Silvercocoa is a fanon racer that is made by Ann Swamitran. She is based on SilverQueen Chocolate and oreo chocolate. Her kart is called the "Silver Speed".

Official Bio

Ann Silvercocoa: All Determind

Even if she fails, she is still trying to help herself even if she ends up with a scar. But that is nothing to her. She is like a hard, studing student that trys to get herself in the hounor list.


Ann is a girl with deep tawny skin. She has a blazer that has a long, wavy stripe that goes along her blazer's sleeves. She wears a dress similar to Taffyta's. She wears black boots that has a checkered trim at the top. She wears hazelnut toffee goggles. When she races she wears a white helmet that is drizzled with chocolate & chopped nuts, with a trim of chocolate icing and has no visor. Instead of her visor she wears her goggles. She has hair similar to Swizzle, but it is longer and is colorblack. As a topper she wears a beanie.


  • She is good friends with Gloyd, but it is possible that Gloyd likes her a little.
  • She has 2 power ups, first is the Chunk-Ka-Puddle, that leaves a mildly sticky and bumpy road that stretches 1 km. The second one, the Nutter, shoots super giantic nut and ice cream balls at ethier front or back.
  • Her fans are little almonds dipped with chocolate.

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