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Annie Jaubreaker is a playable character in Sugar Showdown (an upcoming game). She's a great racer, and she doesn't have that many friends (I know she's pretty shy).


  • Twisted Whiplash

They have the greatest rivalry in Sugar Rush history. On Opposite Day, Annie's rival just keeps falling for it.

  • Gloyd Orangeboar

I'll let you in on a little secret; they are madly in love with each other. One hug can immediately mean good luck. I know she's shy, but her code says she is just in love.


Annie Jaubreaker: A Rock's End

Although she's pretty shy, her kart, the Hard Hectic, is one of the strongest karts of Sugar Rush history. All she is is a hectic little girl. That's it. Oh wait; did I mention she is MADLY IN LOVE WITH GLOYD?

For two days, Annie didn't have a slot in the race because of Twizzle. One day, the race of races came, and Annie was against Twizzle. It was a determine of who actually should be a racer. Both crossed the finish at the exact same time, and the next one is on June 12, 2013. Vote for the winner in the comment section.


Her kart is the Hard Hectic, doy!!!



  • Are you a racer? Or what?
  • (to Vanellope) Is there an anvil falling on my head?
  • I'm not happening right now.
  • You're a bully for a reason, Strawbetty.
  • Seriously, Adorabeezle, I'm not falling off a 349 foot cliff!
    Annie jaubreaker

    an old design of Annie