Arcade All-Stars: Darktimes is the new first person shooting game in Litwak's arcade in Fix-It Felix. It is produced by Tobikomi like its brother game, Arcade All-Stars Racers for Fix-It Felix, Jr.'s 35th anniversairy.


"In a galaxy far from Earth, the villains of its worlds joined forces to destroy it. To counter this, the heroes of these exact worlds formed their own team to save their home and, possible, the universe itself. Now, both sides need new recruits to fight in this war and they chose yours to gain these troopers But are you a hero or a villain?"

- intro scene

Role in Fix-It Felix

List of Characters and Game of Origin


  • Commander Vanellope "Sweet P" - Sugar Rush
  • Sergeant Tamora J. Calhoun - Hero's Duty
  • Sergeant Felix "Sarge" - Fix-It Felix, Jr.


  • Lieutenant Pac-Man "Pax" - Pac-Man
  • Officer Mario "Mars" - Mario
  • Officer Sonic "Quils" - Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Commander Luigi "Ghost" - Mario
  • Officer MegaMan "Mecha" - MegaMan


  • King Candy - AASD
  • Cy-Bug King - AASD
  • Black Wrath Ralph "Wrath" - Fix-It Felix, Jr.


  • Commander Betrayus - Pac-Man
  • Captain Bowser "Bull" - Mario
  • Co-captain Eggman "Doc. R" - Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Lieutenant Albert W. Wily "Double Watt" - MegaMan

List of Levels

  • What's Sweet and Bitter?
  • Insect Apocolypse
  • Fix-In to the Top


  • AASD and AASR were the first All-Stars games in the arcade.
  • AASD has fewer characters than AASR due to the level of gameplay and data space.

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