Dark Spyro
Game Technicaly none, but his code belongs to Sugar Rush.
Actor Josh Keaton
Profession Pie eater
Location Sugar Rush


Last known status Glitch of a glitch.
Pictures of Ash
Ash is the Dark One version of Spyro and the fourth main character in Cynder Rush's fanfic, Sugar Rush. Despite being a Dark One technicaly, he is nice and shows to be quite close friends with Felix.


As a true Dark One.

As a 'true Dark One', as he is considered, Ash was shown to be the most enthusiastic about his job, even inventing the name 'The Dark Ones'. He was origionaly Vathek's 'number 2' and largest supporter. That was untill his codes were broken and his place was taken by Ember.

As a glitch of a glitch.

As a glitch of a glitch, as he likes to describe himself, he shows he has an extreme liking to pies, which is thought to be influenced by his close relationship to Felix . Like the real Spyro, he is brave and will sacrifice himself to save his friends. Despite this, he can still be quite dark sometimes, being a bit of a mishcievious troublemaker. After Felix, his best friend is Sun Dragon , who often enjoys picknics in the Candy Cane Forest with him.

Character development

Ash is baisicaly Dark Spyro with a different name, so character development would've been easy, so you'd think. Cynder Rush wanted the character to origionaly look like her adaption of Spyro with the colour scheme of Dark Spyro from the Legend series for the evil version and the Skylanders series for the good version. As the Dark One's good versions became more and more varied from their origional appearance, Cynder Rush decided to make him look like the Dark Spyro from the Skylanders series as a possible cameo.


  • He loves pie.
  • It is stated that he can change colour because of his codes being destroyed.
    • It is possible that he also has other powers we do not yet know of.
  • Because he is baisicaly Dark Spyro, Cynder Rush included his catchphrases, Light's out! and You can't stop me! as a joke/game reference.
  • He is in love with Ember.
    • This is a little hint to show that because Ash was a direct code coppy of Spyro and Ember was a direct coppy of Cynder, Spyro's relationship with Cynder was included in the code.
  • He can break through 'Anti-glitch' and 'Glitch proof' barriers with his horns due to him being a 'glitch of a glitch'.


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