Asukal Rush is a fanon game made by User:Ggghhj123 and User:Ann Swamitran are helping. It is the Asian version of Sugar Rush. The racers are based off of sweets from all over Asia.


More coming soon.


  • Asukal means sugar in the official language of the Philippines which is Tagalog.


Pocky Peach Cup (Philippines tracks)

  • Cassava Cove
  • Bibingka Beach Road
  • Sago Swamp
  • Leche Flan Drive

Juicy Japan Cup (Japenese tracks)

  • Mount Fuji Drive
  • Pocket Candy Pond
  • Tofu Lake
  • Cherry Blossom Bay

Chewy Chinese Cup (Chinese tracks)

  • Rice Cake Road
  • Beijing Beach
  • Fortune Cookie Falls
  • Dumpling Gardens

​Tarty Thailand Cup (Thai tracks)

  • Noodle Highway
  • Fried Rice Swamp
  • Taro BBQ Volcano
  • Sticy Rice Mango Chambers

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