Beezlebub's doll by Metzco Toys

Beezlebub is a new racer in the Living Dead Raceaway (Game).He is a member of the Pig Killers and he has had many girlfriends and has flirted with many others.

Death Certificate

Oh lord of flies who seeks

To conquer dark realms

I call thee to me and offer

Abundant dung in return


Beezlebub:A horror fly!

Beezlebub was just a normal kid on Halloween night in his little fly costume he roamed around in,until a gang of teenage boys came and pretended to become his best friend and then forced some alcohol down his throat,making Beezlebub fall to the floor in shock,Beezlebub then stud up,but one of the teenage boys whacked him over the head with a glass alcohol bottle as Beezlebub died,he then woke up in the Living Dead Raceaway,feeling like a horror fly!

Beezlebub's Girlfriends

Tessa:Beezlebub's first ever girlfriend was a brand new Living Dead Raceaway racer called Tessa,he and her had a great relationship for 3 months,until Beezlebub changed.Beezlebub said to Tessa,he was going to take her out to see the sugar lanterns being set off in the sugar-coated game across from theirs,Sugar Rush,he said it was a celebration of their third month of love.Everything was going well for Beezlebub and Tessa until they walked into Sugar Rush,when Beezlebub spotted the prettiest sugary girl he had ever saw,and that was Taffyta Muttonfudge,he sneaked off,when Tessa was not looking and began to kiss Taffyta.Tessa noticed Beezlebub is gone and finds him kissing Taffyta,as she screams she hates him and throws her love necklace he gave her at him,she walks off angry,Beezlebub got angry at Taffyta,saying it was her fault that Beezlebub began to kiss her,as Taffyta is shocked and annoyed at Beezlebub for accusing her of his very own faults,she punches him in the face and storms off in a temper,as Beezlebub grabs her and holds her hostage for 2 hours in his van.He then drove back into the Living Dead Raceaway with Taffyta tied up in the back of his van,screaming help in a muffled voice,with the cloth over her mouth.Beezlebub found Tessa sitting on a fence in the Ghost Park crying,as he stuffs a cloth around her mouth and chucks her in the back of his van keeping her hostage too,but as Beezlebub opens his van doors Taffyta jumps out and smacks him the face,making him fall to the ground in pain,Taffyta ran away,but as Tessa tried to run away too,Beezlebub grabbed her right ankle and chucks her in the back of his van,holding her hostage for two years,starving her and feeding her water and bread every 1 week.She got found though.

To be continued...

Toxic Horror

A sneak peak of the Toxic Horror

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