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These are all the racing karts that belongs to Betsy from the Living Dead Raceaway (Game).



Vanellope trying out Betsy's Zombie-Speedie racing kart

Betsy made a racing kart called Zombie-Speedie,which President Vanellope Von Schweetz tested out to see if it works to help Betsy get into a race, Jubileena Bing-Bing and Adorabeezle Winterpop also helped Betsy too, but when Betsy drove into the Living Dead Raceaway (Game), all of the other Living Dead Racers destroyed it.

Zombie-Speedie apperance

The 'Zombie-Speedie' is made of zombie skin and is covered in Halloween Candy,such as,candy corn,toffees,pepermint and orange flavoured pumpkin candy.



Betsy's racing kart (The Ghost-Kart)

The 'Ghost-Kart' was made in Ghoulimize Your Very Own Racing Kart and Betsy used it to win the Rising of the dead race and is her main racing kart.

Ghost-Kart apperance

The 'Ghost-Kart' is a ghostly racing kart, made of Halloween candy.

Blood-Good Royal


President Betsy Zombie's racing kart (The Blood-Good Royal)

The 'Blood-Good Royal' was formley owned by Queen Creepy, but is now owned by 'President Betsy Zombie'.

Blood-Good Royal apperance

The 'Blood-Good Royal' is a light grey and is covered in splatters of red blood.

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