the black licorish forest is one of the most dangerose places in sugar rush its full of dagerose plants and animals and its super spooky and its has big and tall black licorise trees and its super black


black licorise wolfs:they dont eat people they just attack them and like most animals in the forest its made out of black licorise

black licorise snakes:they are dangerose snakes that are made out of black licorise and and when they bite you you cant walk for 1 hour

cavaties:they are little pink puffs that make people gray and they put them in there nest they dont eat them they just use them ase decoraseion the only way to be turn back is to get wet oh and you fall a sleep if you turn gray

egg shell chicken:an egg shell chicken is a sweet chicken thats one of the not dangeorse but they are made of black licorise they lay red eggs and when you say egg shell they cover you in a shell that will protect you form water,fire,and more

plants&berrys/edible food

candy cane hangs:they are upside down regelur candy canes that are fun to hang and swing on they can only be found in the black licorise forest and they are red candy canes not green

rainbow berrys:they are berrys that are only in the black licorise forest they are delishiouse and when you eat them you are rainbow for only 40 minutes

black licorise bushes:they are black bushes made out of black licorise they are were most berrys/edibles food grow on

black licorise trees:they are black trees made out of black licorise they souround the entire forest and are very spooky

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