Blackytta Blackcurranttaste
Blackytta Blackcurranttaste
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Blackytta Blackcurranttaste is a new Sugar Rush racer that's friends with Pinky Raspaberrytaste. She is one of the racers that look alike Taffyta Muttonfudge and Galleta Seaclaid. Her kart is the Black Lightning.

Taffyta was a little bit jealous because Blackytta (or Blacky) was a super blackcurrant girl and pretty. But, she and Taffyta was friends too. Taffyta says "Haah..." when Blacky says "Stay Blacky!", because Blacky is just following her quote, only changing the "sweet" word. Blacky parks between Taffyta and Vanellope.

Blacky was a happy blackcurrant head, like Candlehead. She likes tricking and joking like a funny thing. And, after Taffyta was jealous she tells Blacky about that blackcurrant girl's look. But Blacky was confused and said that she is Taffyta. Both have laughing moments and starts to be best friends.


  • Pinky Raspaberrytaste, her best friend and a racer that's similliar to Vanellope Von Schweetz.
  • Vanellope Von Schweetz, her good president friend
  • Taffyta Muttonfudge, her late friend cause of jealous



  • She is created by VanellopeVonSchweetzFan
  • The program that is used to make her is PicMonkey.
  • The previous plan of the name before Blackytta is Becky.
  • The previous plan, the theme blackcurrant is given to Vanellope's recolor.