Rasberry Blitz pic

Blitz's look

Blitz was a young girl who lived in the islands of Razzle Dazzle. She was always dreaming of becoming a racer and when she had enough gold coind to go on a  tour of Sugar Rush she couldn't resist. She paid her fee on the island and got to be a racer then became good friends with Crumbelina and Jubileena. Her fans are made of Rasberry fruitsnacks and her theme is Rasberrys and frosting.


Blitz is a kind helper who loves adventuring and racing. She is a friend to everyone in Sugar Rush, even Taffyta. She came to Sugar Rush because of its racing and huge crazy enviroments. She likes to explore Sugar Rush on her free time and even help the elderly candies. Blitz is never relly mean but she can be quite clumsy at times and even one time dropped a bucket of chocolate on Taffyta by accident.


Blitz is a fan of 3 colors, Violet, Yelllow Cake (YC), and light pink. She has a light pink shirt under a violet jacket with YC trimmings and a light pink scarf with YC trimmings too. She also has violet gloves YC trimming. For bottoms Blitz has YC shorts with light pink on the sides and light pink socks with YC shoes and light pink laces. for her hair she has llight pink hair in pigtails with violet candy wrapper scrunchies and to top it off a YC cupcake with violet Rasberry flavored frosting on the topof her head.


(Blitz kart looks like candle heads a little bit only it's angel food cake) Blitz kart is a peice of angel food cake on its side with her seat right in the middle. Her set is made of Razzberry taffy and her steering wheel and wheel spokes are made of Rasberry flavored twizzler. Her whole kart is adorned with violet Rasberry frosting and it has Rasberry taffy ribboning on the sides. And her karts wheels are made of red Starburst.