"That's poppin'!"
―Bluicity's catchphrase
Bluicity Clafitart
Bluicity Calfitart
Some attributes
First Bluicity "Bloom" Calfitart
Second blueberries
Third Crisp Blue Blur
Other attributes
Fourth sweet, tomboy, serious, strong-minded
Fifth defending others, hanging with Vanellope, Ralpple and Chocolance, Rancis, racing, daredevil stunts, Felix and Tamora
Sixth bullies, having to be girly, being treated like a baby, taking it slow, Taffyta's attitude
Bluicity Calfitart is a new racer that only appears in the rewrite of The Glitch Children Trilogy. She appeared in Sugar Rush along with her "cousins" Ralpple Cinnumpling and Chocolance von Schweetz. Her theme is blueberries and her kart is the "Crisp Blue Blur".


Like her "cousins", Bluicity has no backstory, not originally being part of Sugar Rush.


Bluicity's harvest gold hair is the longest in Sugar Rush, held in two ponytails by blueberry hair ties. Her front shorter hair is uneven and she has crossed hairpins on her left. In her hair on top are hairclips with blueberry beads. She has light blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. She wears an ice blue tank top under a cerulean mid-show jacket with a yellow collar and two white stripes on the front. On her hands are ice blue fingerless gloves. Her skirt is blue with three yellow stripes, one going vertical on her right hip and two going from the bottom of her right to the top of her left. On the right side is a yellow four point star. She wears blue and yellow pants, but her left has more yellow stripes than her right. Her tennis shoes are light blue with white frosting shoelaces and have blueberry wheels on her heels.


The Glitch Children REBoot




  • "Blue Blur" is one of Sonic the Hedgehog's nicknames.
  • The first part of her name is "blue" for "bueberry" and the rest is from the name "Felicity".
  • Her last name is composed of "Calhoun", "fix" and "tart".
  • She is the rewritten version of Fix-It Fiona Calhoun.
  • She is sometimes called "Bloom" or "Lizzy".

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