"I enjoy seeing you fools suffer"
―Borovnika insulting Galleta and PepperTina after she pranked them
Borovnika Sugerplum
Some attributes
First Girl
Second Racer
Third Sour
Other attributes
Fourth Speed: 30%

Handling: 100% Sweetness: 90%

Borovnika is a recolor that came with the new upgrade to Sugar Rush. Unlike like a usual palette-swap, she, Rumbellah and ButterfingerZ show no kidness to the other racers. They are considered bullies by most of the racers and get along very well with the living dead raceway characters.Her kart signature is the Vodkart.


Borovnika is considered one creepy cupcake by her friends. Always in a low tone and a smirk on her face that looks like one from a maniac,this recolor is always suspicous. The other racers tend to keep their distance from Borovnika. The only racers that show interest in her are Rumbellah and ButterfingerZ, who later became her best friends and fellow all-sorts. She is also considered a cool chick by most of the racers from Living Dead Raceway.

Realationships with the other all-sorts


Rumbellah treats Borovnika the best out of all the All-sorts, but whenever she is not capable of doing her duties as the leader, she leaves those duties to Borovnika. Rumbellah however really appreciates Borovnika's brain rather than Borovnika herself. Borovnika is the smartest of the group, however, Rumbellah tries hiding this fact by showering her with praises and promotions.


Other than a bit of Jealousy from ButterfingerZ about her special treatment, Borovnika has a decent relationship with him.


These two re-colors really like eachother, which surprises other racers as the two have opposing attitudes. Orea tries helping Borovnika in all her experiments and is bound to get on Borovnika's nerves at times,nevertheless she still likes her.


  • She's known as "Citrusella Flugpucker".
  • She, Orea, Rumbellah and ButterfingerZ made a gang called The all-sorts
  • She's Russian.
  • She is very smart.
  • She represents rumcake.
  • Her fans are different types of Russian candy.
  • She has a russian name:"Боровника Сугерплум"


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