Rachel is a Fanfiction character made by rainingcatsanddogs, and also the female version of Ralph. She is also a champion motorcycle racer.

Offical Bio

"I'm gonna break it!"

-Rachels Catchphrase

"Once she has a motorcycle, she gets on it. Once she has a Pikachu, she drops it. But that's not everything! She is a caring girl with a lot of attitude. Sometimes, the man that she is to be with can get a little crazy, but that doesn't stop her from getting the most fun out of any ocation. Even when it's a battle!"


  • She can turn into any cat or bigcat in existance.
  • Just like Buildsey, she catches on fire when angry.
  • The person that gets the most attention out of her is Felix.
  • She was suppose to be a sibling of Ralph until a slight error was made in her code making her only friends with Ralph.
  • Sometimes she is strong enough to break through a wall.
  • She is a space girl like Rosalina from Mario.

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