Bubbella Gummy

bubbella gummy

Bubbella Gummy is Vanellope Von Schweetz's recolour, she is also a glitch, she was made by sparkz-zapster-sugar-rusher.

her theme is bubble gum and she has no kart, because she is a glitch. she also hates Vanellope for forgeting about her after Vanellope reset the game and became president. the truth is Vanellope wanted Bubbella to join her, but Bubbella got jealous and said no.


Bubbella looks like vanellope, except her colour scheme is blue, gold and tan brown. she has almost tanned fair skin, bright blue eyes and blond hair filled with candy.

she wears a blue hoodie with stitches and a tan brown skirt, she wears gold leggings with stitches and bright neon blue shoes. a piece of pink taffy holds up her hair.


  • she hates Vanellope because she thinks Vanellope abandon her, the truth is Bubbella is jealous
  • she is learning to build karts so she can build her own kart
  • she has a crush on Danny Grapejuice, Rancis Fluggerbutter's recolour
  • she has a pet fox named Taffy

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