Bubbly Tea is a racer in Sugar Rush she is very nice but she hates if someone touches her diamond.


Bubbly Tea: Sweet and Tough She loves diamonds she only cares is her own beauty if you dare touches her diamond she will give you the piece of your mind this the racer you don't wanna mess!


She is nice if you do not steal or touch her diamond she is tough if you touch/stole her diamond if you steal it she will show you her Martial Art skills.


  • I'm so beautiful
  • Yeah
  • What?!?
  • Ehhhhhhhh!!?!
  • What do you mean a stone its a diamond
  • Ewwww mud
  • I have a sense of beauty


  • Her theme is Japanese Pearl Milk tea.
  • She is Japanese.
  • Her friend is Sarah Floss and Adorabeezle Winterpop.
  • Her kart's name is Pearl Rocket.
  • In her halloween costume she used hair extension and hair chalk.
  • She hates Taffyta Muttonfudge.
  • She and Hana Popgi used to be best friends.


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