Buildsey is a Fanfiction character made by rainingcatsanddogs, and also the female version of Fix-it Felix. She is also a champion racer and ninja.

Offical Bio

"I can build it!"

-Buildseys catchphrase

"If you happen to stop by someone, and that person has long hair and a blue shirt, you've definetly run into Buildsey! This red head girl is not like the rest! She can run a double flip through a loopda-loop! But even through the crazyness of her brother, she has a soft side and would do anything for her friends."


  • She and Felix are brother and sister, born on the same day. However, Buildsey was born one minute earlier technecly meaning that Buildsey is older than Felix.
  • Due to the fact that Buildsey was born earlier than Felix, Builsey is also slightly taller than Felix.
  • Buildsey has a pet Pikachu that calls her "moma" all the time.
  • Due to the fact that Buildsey can build and Felix can fix, Buildseys hammer is silver, unlike Felixes, which is gold.
  • When angry she catches on fire.

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