"Hey babe,wanna hang out?"
―ButterfingerZ flirting with Nougetsia
ButterfingerZ DipperstickZ
Some attributes
First Boy
Second Racer
Third Sour
Other attributes
Fourth Speed: 90%

Handling: 70% Sweetness: 80%

ButterfingerZ is a recolor that came with the new upgrade to Sugar Rush. Unlike like a usual palette-swap, he,Rumbellah and Borovnika show no kidness to other racers. They are considered bullies by most of the racers and get along very well with the living dead raceway characters.


ButterfingerZ is a perfect epitome of a bark that's bigger than a bite. He likes to think he's a bad boy of Sugar Rush but in real life he's one big coco chicken. The only reason Rumbellah let him join the all-sorts is because of his acrobatic skills. He is also very skilled at dancing and is a good DJ,this is one of the reasons why he spends most of his time at DDR.

Realationships with the other all-sorts


Despite being the third member, Rumbellah doesn't treat ButterfingerZ as equally as she does Borovnika. In fact, his acrobatic skills are the only thing she doesn't criticise him about. She is often being shown his attempts to gain a promotion.


Other than a bit of Jealousy from ButterfingerZ about her special treatment, Borovnika has a decent relationship with him.


While they are on good standards,ButterfingerZ mostly uses Orea to know about Nougetsia more.


  • ButterfingerZ's colors are actually based on Torvald's  incorrect picture we see on the jumbotron during the royal raceway scene.
  • He,Orea ,Rumbellah and Borovnika made a gang called The all-sorts.
  • His friends call him Z.Z.
  • He and Nougetsia have secretly developed a crush on each other.
  • He represents butterfingers.
  • His fans are kit kat and butterfingers candy people.
  • He has a russian name too:"БуттерфингерZ Маслесгий"("Маслeсгий" it's from "Маслo",means "butter")


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