SR 2(2)

Butterrik Lollypop is a prankish guy and a tricksy boy. He isn't a good guy. He's bad,but he has a soft heart. His candy themes are butterscotch cookies and lollipops. He has been created by the user Toffetia123. His kart signature is the Loller Buttops.


After his first race, got last place. He tried to hang in,but he noticed that the other racers forgot him. And something grew in his heart, a huge darkness. His appearence can be colorful in the outside,but inside, his turned into a black and grey guy. He cheats, but he never wins.


  • Speed: 65%
  • Sweetness: 10%
  • Handling: 50%
  • Special Power: Jawbreaker Cannon


  • His fans are antropomorphic lollipops and butter wraps.
  • He's Toffena's boyfriend.
  • He's considered the king of the Halloween, like Gloyd Orangeboar.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning

バターリック ロリーポップ

Batārikku rorīpoppu

From English name
Danish Slikkær From "slik" (candy)
Russian Маслешгий Зубонншекер From "mаслo" (butter) and "зубочистка"(in a stick)
Finnish Karkonnin Sokäämisann From "karkki"(candy) and "sokerittomissa"(sugarless)

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