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CheezeitMcNuggets is a big cheese fan. She enjoys cheese and cheese accessories. Her diet consists of: crackers, cheese and macaroni.


She is a queen of cheese... in her imagination world. She actually has Fantasy Prone Personality and really believes her 'friends' are talking cheese and that she's the cheese queen. She believes that her clothes are made out of cheese, so she usually ends up eating her own clothes (especially her own panties for some weird reason).

Since she eats so much cheese (and often things she believes that are cheese) she has a very high blood pressure. She is constantly at high risk and doctors are extremely puzzled as to how she has survived this long.

She constantly fights what she describes "Giant walking sugar monsters" who always end up as people trying to help her.


  • Cheese: 100%
  • Hallucinations: 100%
  • Blood Pressure: 200
  • Special Power: Cheese Poop.


  • She has bitten someone's pinor off once, because she thought it was cheese.
  • She has also bitten a few clits because she thought it was cheese.
  • She has also eaten human fingers because she thought it was cheese.
  • She has also eaten dog turds because she thought it was cheese.
  • She also ate her own clit, because it literally was cheese.
  • She actually never ate McNuggets, but that's her name.
  • Her all-time record blood pressure is 237.
  • She smells like spoiled cheese.
  • Rumor has it that she stores cheese in her secret holes.


Foreign Names

Timboland Cheese Faggot

"Faggot" (to be a fag)

Frenlando Chezz Bitch "Chezz" translates to Cheese (bitch means to be a fag)
Japanese チーズガール Translates to "Cheese Girl" (means to be a fag)
hsilgnE stegguNcMtiezeehC .gaf a eb oT 
Hajabuma McCunt "Mc" translates to Cheese, "Cunt" translates to be a fag.
Mario Yahoo! to be a fag.