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Cadbetty is a very proud racer,but at same time a bossy person. Her candy themes are around the candy Cadburry Cream Egg and Boston Baked Beans. The signature of her kart is the "Karterry". Her nickname is "Caddy". She has been created by the User Toffetia123.


She is a partner of the queen, and she is in love of Rancis. She and Torvald are frenimies. In race times she and Torvald are friends, but out of the race, both they hate each other. When she is bossy, she likes to make the marshmallows, change the leaderboard and put her in first place

When she is very proud of herself, she likes to please the other racers, giving chocolate and strawberry wrap candies. She leads her job very seriously.


  • Speed: 70%
  • Sweetness: 40%
  • Handling: 55%
  • Special Power: Sticky Egg


  • She unlockable in "Confectionery Raceway", by code, by her nickname:"Caddy".
  • Her original name is "Pecky Rumbeau".
  • Ice Brownkers and Cadbetty are second cousins.
  • She's a EsRr student, in the musical "Glitched".
  • Her fans are antropomorphic jellies and beans with caramel.


Foreign Names

Danish Frågteena

From "frugt" (fruit)

French Maurdre Caramella From "mordre" (to bite) and "caramel" has the same meaning
Japanese カッドベティー クラックルービンーズ

Kaddobetī Kurakkurūbin̄zu

From English name
Brazilian Portuguese Ovabetty Ao Leite From "ovo de páscoa" (Easter egg) and "leite" (milk) 
Russian Сладийканис Мятинна From "Сладкий" (candy) and "мята" (mint)
Ukrainian Кадбетті Камедонна "Кадбетті" from original "Cadbetty" and "камедь"(gum)

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