Cakelynn Batterroll

Cakelynn Batterroll is a character from Sugar Rush Reloaded and a racer from the story's version of Sugar Rush 2. Her theme is cake pops and her kart is the Batter Cruiser. Her personal track is Caketopolis. 


Cakelynn Batterroll: "More Than Just a Pretty Face"

Cakelynn is always seen with a huge smile on her face, no matter what. She's a very smart girl that loves puzzles and solving problems. She's as tough as she is sweet.


Cakelynn is a young girl with long blonde hair and pink eyes. On top of her head is a dark red headband with cake pop stalks, one blue with white frosting, and one purple one coated in chocolate frosting and decorated with sprinkles. She wears a white shirt with three cake pops and over it wears a purple racing jacket with lavender collar and cuffs. She wears an orange belt with a pink cake pop button.

Her skirt is a transparent pink wrapper. She wears multicolored pants, with the right leg white and decorated with sprinkles, while the left leg was brown with pink and blue frosting lines. She wears a maroon boot on her right foot with yellow cake pop socks, while wearing a bright mint green boot on her left foot with purple frosting and maroon cake pop socks. Cakelynn's racing helmet is violet with cake pop insignias and the visor is pink.


Cakelynn is a sweet and bubbly girl who is always happy no matter what. Her optimism is contagious to those around her, making her good company. She loves to cheer up her fellow racers and to have an overall good time. She'll be the first to greet new people and can make quick friends with nearly everybody.



Her kart is the Batter Cruiser.

Special Ability



Her theme is cake pops.


  • Her fans are anthropomorphic cake pops.

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