Candelia's New Redesign

Candelia Canes is A Racer In Candy Nitro Ride Her theme is Candy Canes


Candeilia Canes: The Laugh in Winter

This Girl Loves To Laugh So Much, She Dances In The Winter Breeze! Laughing With Joy, She Is A Happy Hyperactive Girl!


  • Her Kart is The Cane Booster it is The Tounge Twister but The unicorn Pop is a Candy Cane,Peppermints as Wheels and Candy Canes as Pipes

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning

キャンディーラ ケインス

Kyandīra keinsu

From English name
Spanish Rayena Azucarena From "raya" (stripe) and "azucar" (sugar) united with "sacarina" (saccharin)
French Bonbanna Rayaléete From "bonbon" (candy) and "rayé" (stripe)

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