Engineera Trains before causing a train wreck

Engineera Trains is a giant hatted girl who's a disabled train engineer. She got the job out of pure pity.


Train wreck: Happens once per week

It's unknown where she came from or who made this thing.

She's classified as disabled, since her hat if the only thing that keeps her brain alive and barely functional. If the hat is removed for whatever reason, she'll instantly die. Her brain slowly grows like a tumor, meaning her hat will come off and kill her eventually.

Whenever she is asked about her name she will spout out "ENGINEER-A TRAINS". Most likely suffers from amnesia, with her "hat brain" condition.


  • It's rumored that her brain will explode into many tumors once the hat is removed.
  • It's also rumored that her genitals were removed so the "hat brain" disease dies with her.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Chunga Changa

Hat Brain Bi

"Bi" (to be a fag)
Spandex Train Bitch Rough translation to dumbass train.
TimboLand Hah that skank, lol "skank" translates to pussyless