CandyCorn Sweet is a new racer in Sugar Rush her Best Friend is Paulie ButterCup she is good at racing.


She wears White t-shirt with one candycorn on it she wears orange skirt she wears long socks she wears hat with candycorn on it she wears orange and yellow jacket she wears yellow shoes with candycorn on it she has yellow hair put into two buns she has orange eyes.


This Candy corn girl is really nice,helpful&pretty this girl that you don't want to mess with especially if she has mud on her clothes and if her hair is messy she will faint.


  • With Paulie Buttercup* *Loligirl Pop accidentally went to a mud puddle then the mud went to CandyCorn's clothes* Paulie there is mud on my clothes *Loligirl bumps on CandyCorn CandyCorn's hair became messy* ahhhh my clothes is muddy my hair *Faints* *Paulie catched her*
  • with Paulie* Lets go to the Spa my hair is messy and I am dirty
  • Pink Bubblegum pls be careful on your drifting because my clothes will be dirty
  • What the CandyCorn is happening here *holding her Candycorn fan*


  • She likes to be clean
  • Her theme is candycorn
  • During a race she wears a real racing suit
  • She has White,Yellow&Orange helmet and she has Orange visor


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