Candy Vanillabutter
Candy Vanillabutter is a Sugar Rush character. She's the daughter of Vanellope and Rancis and the sister of Annie VanillabutterPatty Vanillabutter and Susanna Vanillabutter in a near future date. When Rancis has abandonment the family, like Vanellope, she's herself furious with Rancis and she gliding commit suicide. But, when Vanellope and Rancis him explain all the case, she's declare peace with Rancis.


  • She's the modern version of Candice White Ardley of Candy Candy, the anime in her it's the protagonist.
  • She is the first princess of Sugar Rush, because Vanellope has now the queen of Sugar Rush, but, like's the description of Candy Candy: "She's hate being a wealthy woman with dresses and lots of money" for this case, Candy prefer simple clothes
  • She's dreaming to being an warrior princess
  • She loves killing Cy-bugs in Hero's Duty

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