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Candyland Velocity is the racing version of the sweet board game Candyland. The name comes from candyland an
Candyland Velocity logo

the game's logo

the terminal velocity coaster.



King Kandy

Lolly (Princess Lolly)

Queen Frostine (changed from Princess Frostine)

Gramma Nutt

Mamma Gingersnap



Duke of Swirl

Lord Licorice (Later becomes evil)

Carmello Appleton

Caralina Appleton



  • Licorice Castle
  • Candy Castle
  • Gumdrop Mountains
  • Lollipop Woods
  • Chocolate Swamp (Molasses Swamp)
  • Peanut Brittle Road (Peanut Brittle House)
  • Peppermint Forest
  • Ice Cream Sea
  • Gingerbread Plum Village (Gingerbread Plum Trees


  • Ice Cream Cone Morter
  • Peanut Brittle Spikes
  • Candy Cane Block


This game is going to be created by Ggghhj123 and Ariana Airheads.

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