Carmella Kernel is a racer within the game Sugar Rush. Her signature kart is the "Caramelized Popper."


Sweet Core: Carmella is like a piece of caramel, hard on the outside, yet soft on the inside. She may look like a snob, but she's deep down a good apple.


Caramella tries to pull of an "I'm cool, and I don't care" attitude. She is rich and snobby. Despite her personality, she doesn't like it when other fellow racers are bullied, and will stick-up for them.


Carmella has fair skin, and dirty blonde hair, that is about shoulder length. Her eyes are hazel. She wears a yellow dress, with brown and tan polka dotted racing tights. Her shirt has the same pattern as her tights. She wears yellow gloves. Her hat has the same pattern has Crumbelina's, except the colors were switched to match her color theme.


  • Her name was originally going to be Carmella Fudgepop
  • Her theme is caramel popcorn.
  • Her hair is dyed, it was originally brown.
  • Her fans are anthropomorphic caramel taffy.


  • "Your sweet like a piece of popcorn!"
  • "Don't be sour, stay sweet!"


  • Speed- 70%
  • Handling- 50%
  • Candy Coating- 90%
  • Sweetness- 60%

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