Cassandra (known as Cassy by her friends) is a Golden recolour of Pixie.

Death Certificate

Smashing herself into a mirror,

Cassandra is an upset soul,

Because she was lonely,

She took her life to get a better home


Cassandra:The burning flame fairy!

Cassandra only wanted a best friend,but she found herself alone in the sunset,so in the end she thought she was doing what was right,she crashed herself into her bathroom mirror,as the sunset reflected from her mirror,as blood poured down the smashed glass,she woke up in the Living Dead Raceaway and made friends with Genie,Lily and 'Jazzie.

Cassandra's racing kart

Killer Sun

Cassandra's racing kart,also known as the Killer Sun

The Killer Sun is a Golden recolour of Pixie's Decaying Pixie-Wing.

Memorable Quotes

  • Erm like...WOAH!
  • Yeah like totally!
  • are like...well,totally right about that!


  • Cassandra is not the only recolour of Pixie,Jazzie is too.
  • Cassandra always uses the word totally.
  • She died from smashing herself into her bathroom mirror, because she wanted to die.

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