Catie is a new racer in sugar rush. She races in her fast as lightning kart, The Quick Kiss. She learned everything she knows about racing from President Vanellope.


Catie is a fair skinned blonde with green eyes and pigtails. She sports a brown and black racing jacket with striped tights and a Reeses cup skirt. To go with her outfit, she also has a pair of racing goggles.


Vanellope von Schweetz - Mentor

Crumbelina Di Caramello - Best Friend

Taffyta Muttonfudge - Rival


Her Kart, The Quick Kiss, is a hershey kissed theme kart that goes along with her chocolate candies theme. The wheels are Reeses cups and the spoiler is a Hershey bar. The seat is carved out of a Hershey Kiss and hot fudge covers most of her kart.


Catie is a bit shy, but a fun person when you get to know her. She is very intelligent and constantly thinks up stratedgies for winning races. She's a very modest person who gets annoyed very easily, especially when it comes to her rival, Taffyta, who mocks Catie sometimes when she loses.

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