Cheeslina Berrycream is a racer made by User:Ann Swamitran. She represents cherry cheesecake. Her kart is called the "Truffleami".

Official Bio

Cheeslina Berrycream: Softer Than Cream

Cheeslina is softer than you all think! She is a girl who loves to tell herself that nothing is better, than losing me or my sister. But she is so senitive that she depends on her twin,Cheezilna Berrycream.


Cheeslina is a girl with reddish like skin and sparkly yellow brown eyes. She wears a red dress, a shiny golden jacket, cream cheese leggings, and a big striped bow.


  • Her twin is Cheezlina Berrycream.
  • Her bestie is Rancis Fluggerbutter.
  • She is the happiest when she gets to chew cherry sugus.

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