Chello is Betsy and Inferno's younger sister. She was discovered in the skeleton-bone forest.

Death Certificate

Chello, was walking alone in a dark forest, when a gang of vampires came and bit her neck, Chello bled to death.


Chello: Vampire Queen

Chello came back from a disco, walking through the dark forest of the West. When a gang of vampire teenagers, came and bit her neck, she fainted and bled to death, she woke up in the Living Dead Raceaway with fangs and a gang of Zombies.


  • Chello is not really a Zombie, she is a Vampire.
  • Chello is a recolour of Betsy, but Chello has bite marks on her neck and fangs, unlike Betsy.
  • Like her big sister, Betsy, when Chello was alive she was a brunette, not a bright pink.
  • Possibly, her surname is Zombie or most likely Zombilina.This is unknown, because Chello is a Vampire not a Zombie, so people think her surname could be changed to Vampilina or Vampire.
  • Chello apparently followed her big sisters footsteps into changing into a President, not a Princess.


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