Chelsea McTango is a racer in the Fizzypop Island.


Chelsea is friendly and loves telling jokes.She sometimes get's into mischief.

Relationships & friends

Gordon Charmlet: Chelsea & Gordon are very close friends,even though Gordon is much younger than her,they love playing pranks and hanging out together.Gordon secretly has a crush on Chelsea,as Chelsea does not know.She sometimes get's annoyed at him.

Evan Lee.Pinejuice: Chelsea and Evan met when they were just joining Fizzypop Island Primary School.Evan pushed her into a chocolate puddle and yanked at her hair,as she punched him in the face and pushed him over.After that,they became enemies.When they grew up to be older Evan left Fizzypop Island and moved into Sugar Rush.Only when he discovered Chelsea was on holiday at Sugar Rush.As, he developed a crush on her.

Goldy Charmlet: Chelsea and Goldy have a close friendship,they are seen goofing about together.Goldy also teases Gordon about his giant crush on Chelsea.

Grace Charmlet: Chelsea is often seen hanging out with Grace.As,they are close buddies.They seem to get along.

Charlton McTango: Charlton McTango is Chelsea's little sister,who has a crush on Gordon.Charlton seems to care about her big sister and says that Chelsea is her rolemodel.

Tottenham McTango: Tottenham McTango is Chelsea's little brother,who loves playing football with Chelsea & Gordon.

Westham McTango: Westham McTango is Chelsea McTango's baby brother,who is very cheerful and loves Chelsea.

Millwall McTango: Millwall McTango is Chelsea's younger sister,and dislikes Gordon.She is protective over her big sister and always says she will always be Chelsea's favourite little sister.


  • Her design is by Sugarrushfan2.
  • Chelsea and her siblings,first names are all named after London boroughs.
  • She lives with her siblings and her Dad.Her Dad is called Camden McTango (another London borough).
  • Her Mother Hackney McTango is no longer with her.

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