Chewlina Squishmellow
Adoptable Racer 11
Game Sugar Rush
Actor Deedee Magno
Location Laffy Taffy Forest
Involvement Unlockable Racer
Pictures of Chewlina Squishmellow
Chewlina Squishmellow was an adopted racer (created by Sugarrushfan2) adopted by Aly. She is a racer in the game Sugar Rush, but more of as an unlockable racer. Her theme is marshmellows, much like Aly's other racer Marshalina. Chewlina also has another theme; bubblegum.

Personal Information

  • Name: Chewlina Squishmellow
  • Aliases: n/a
  • Age: 9
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Unlockable Sugar Rush Racer
  • Game: Sugar Rush
  • Likes: racing, having fun, friends
  • Dislikes: being bullied, bullies
  • Love Interests: None
  • Fate: Still alive

Racing Status

  • Speed: 85%
  • Handling: 95%
  • Heart: 100%
  • Sweetness: 95%


Chewlina kind of look likes a Nougetsia recolor, but not exactly. She wears a neon pink hat, and has light pink hair. Her eye color is almost like a neon green, but not exactly. Chewlina wears a hot pink shirt along with hot pink leggings. And finally she wears a green skirt and shoes.


Chewlina is a very sensitive girl. She does not like to be bullied or seeing others being bullied, or just plain bullying. Chewlina is very shy, as she doesn't talk to a lot of people. But other than that, she has a sweet heart and is willing to help if needed.




  • Chewlina is Aly's first racer to not be created by someone else.

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