"All in one!"
―Chocolance's catchphrase
Chocolance von Swheetz is a mysterious new character in the upgraded version of Sugar Rush. He's the lead character of Part III of The Glitch Children Trilogy and one of them in the rewrite. His theme is chocolate and his kart is the "Cocoa Devil".


Like his father prior to the upgrade, Chocolance doesn't have a backstory.


In the original writing, Chocolance is a 16 year old teenager, the youngest of the racers. He has a skin tone in between Vanellope and Ralpple's. His eyes are brown, but his right eye is darker than his left. Schweetz's hair is shaggy with low bangs and is mostly brown umber, but his bangs are striped several different shades of brown. He sports a brown shirt with four white stripes under a dark brown leather jacket. Chocolance wears sierra brown jeans with a loose black and white checkered belt and pocket studs. On his feet are brown and white accented tennis shoes. Sometimes, he has on a white visor.


Role in The Glitch Children Trilogy

Part III: A New Kind of Schweet

Level 8: Upgraded

Level 9: Property of Love

Level 10: System Crash

The Glitch Children REBoot




  • "Chocolance" is made up of the word "Chocolate" and the name "Lance".

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