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Chocolate Van Fudgeson, shortly named Coco, is a Sugar Rush racer that represents Chocolate. She mostly represents all the flavours. She is still alive and has a cart called The Master-Piece. She is also 9 and was made as a Tomboy like Vanellope von Schweetz. 

Character Info

Nickname: Coco

Age: 9

Game: Sugar Rush

Sex: Female

Occupation: Racer

Birthday: N/A

Likes: Racing, Playing Pranks, Talking, Dancing, Humming, Chocolate and Fudge.

Dislikes: Taffyta, Turbo, Cheats, Obsessive People, Girly-Girls and Losing.

Love Interests: None

Orientation: Straight

 Weaknesses: None

Allies: Vanellope, Gloyd and Minty.

Good/Bad: Good


Cray-Cray For Chocolate

"Chocolat is always focusing on the road. She is one of the best drivers of Sugar Rush. Chocolat enjoys racing with other racers but she hates losing. This girl is also crazy for anything made of chocolate! So, watch out! This girl is also a tomboy that knows how to Rock-N-Roll!"


Speed: 92%

Popularity: 20%

Sweetness: 80%


Chocolat's kart is called The Master-Piece. It's basically a kart that is a thick bar of chocolate that has wings made from metal on the sides. The wheels are made of biscuits with jam circles in the middle, just like the Jammy-Dodger biscuits but brown. The seat is made from Strawberry Laces stitched together that makes it look like leather. And the steering-wheel is made from a biscuit also. Chocolat found every morsel to make her master-piece in the Sugar Rush Junkyard from Scrap Kart Bits. 


Chocolat is almost like Vanellope. Apart from the fact her theme isn't Vanilla. She's a lovely girl but she can be feisty. Chocolat is very sly towards racers she hates. She has a good sense of humor but when she's with somebody she doesn't like, she used a large amount of sarcasm. 


"What's the matter with you? You look like something a cat dragged in! And you're hair looks like old-people hair!" - Chocolat being rude to her enemy Taffyta

"Hey Vanellope! Nice weather we're having!" - Chocolat saying Hi to Vanellope on the way to the race. 

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