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Chocolattie Mcspringle Bittershmallow is another recolor of Rancis Fluggerbutter. He is very rich, but very finicky. He sometimes is very unbred, by his finicky way to think. His candy theme are chocolate, milk, marshmallow and sprinkles. His kart signature is the "Sprocket Marshrush".


Chocolattie Mcspringle Bittershmallow has too much candy themes, because his family has too much kindreds with too much different candy themes. Some kindreds preferred that he had marshmallow themes or chocolates, sprinkles and too much options. But to not cause a confusion, he chose unite all the candy themes. His Sugar Rush kart boost is very fast and too much sweet.


  • Speed: 55%
  • Sweetness: 70%
  • Handling: 70%
  • Special Power: Sugar Blender


Foreign Names

Danish Konfælkker

From "konfekt" (confetti) united with "mælk" (milk)

French Chokkaleton Ban-Bonnie Guilaurme From "chocolat" (chocolat),"bon-bon" (candy) and "guimauve" (marshmallow)

チョーコラティー マックスプリングルー ビターシュマロ

Chōkoratī makkusupuringurū bitāshumaro

From English name
Brazilian Portuguese

Chocogularte Gelleninha Cremoso

From "chocolate" (has the same meaning),"geléia"(jelly) and "cremoso" (creamy)
Russian Трюфелинно Молокакабэн From "трюфель" (truffle) and "молоко" (milk) united with "какао" (cocoa)
Ukrainian Шоколаттие ла Цикруккер "Шоколаттие" from original "Chocolattie" and "з цукром" (with sugar)

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