Chocolina Chocolatewrap is a racer from Sugar Rush Schweetzway game. Her theme is chocolate bars.
Chocolina Chocolatewrap

Chocolina Chocolatewrap

She is similliar to Crumbelina DiCaramello from Sugar Rush.


Chocolina is a cool young girl with fair skin and brown hair. She wears a brown jacket, blue t-shirt, brown & black shoes, and brown & blue hat.

Age: 12 years old (half teenager)


Chocolina Chocolatewrap: The dark brown cool guy!

"Chocolina was getting every single time darker with brown and chocolates, but she stays cool and keeps the place that she is in awesome. So, she is the first Dark Brown Cool Guy!"


Chocolina is a half teenager 12 years old guy, but don't know why she is a little bit older. However, Candace (the ruler) is the oldest. Candace is 18 years old, but she looks the youngest. Most of the racers in Sugar Rush Schweetzway was 10s.

Chocolina, that is called "the choco girl" was friends with Juicy Gummymint, Isabella Rainbowglitter and other racers who is rock & roll. She and Crumbelina DiCaramello are not friends, instead Chocolina was friends with Vanellope Von Schweetz.

Something about her that was magical

She looks having alot of hair, so it can close her eyes. However, when she is active in episodes/plot, she really looks like Kim Possible and that's something magical about her. But when going on her pose, she is not like Kim Possible.

Race Kart

Chocolina's racing kart is the Brownies-Missile. It was made from brownies, and that kart is a little bit popular. It looks like Crumbelina's kart.
Chocolina's kart

Chocolina's browniesful kart.


  • She is created by VanellopeVonSchweetzFan.
  • She and Creamer Icysparkle are one of the racers that don't make friends with racers from Sugar Rush, especially the racer they're taken from.
  • Her kart was recolored bright blue at the first, but then it was recolored chocolate like her hair.
  • She is a racer like Crumbelina diCaramello, because both she and Crumbelina have number 8 on their kart.
  • Her concept art was an apple girl with blond hair and red hat, also her name was Appleleena. But her name, her theme, and her kart was changed from apple for some reasons.

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