"Oh gosh! My kart is barbucued, and what will I do?"

     Chonie crying when her kart is melting

Chonie is the SR version of User:Ann Swamitran. She is based on dark chocolate filled with mint and shortbread cookies. She drives a kart called Darktrackz.


"Bright as Sparks!"


Chonie Darkmint: Bright as Sparks!

Wacky and infitine, the girl never stops daydreaming and draw is definetly Chonie! Her never-ending imagination channels across the wide land. She is happy and funny, shy and akward.


Chonie is a girl with slight tanned skin, mahogany hair with a green bow, green eyes, green jacket, poka-dotted brown dress, ruffled brown socks, green leggings, and chestnut shoes.


  • She is good friends with the Winterpop family.
  • It is unknown, but it is possible that Gloyd/Swizzle/Rancis likes her.(thats right my friends! all the boys possibly like her, and how she enjoys seeing them fight over her!
  • She really stays indoors.


  • Oh Adorabreezle!
  • Come on you boys, I am not that special.
  • Jeez, you have some kinda temper.


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