Cinnamonna McTwispper is a shy girl with a happy heart. Her candies themes are cinnamons and pepper-mints. Her kart signature is the Gummallow. Her nickname is "Fudgy".


Cinnamonna:Syrup Heart!

When she born, she dropped on cinnamon bucket, and she liked. She likes to play, but she hates to lose, even if it is a joke. She's in love with Gloyd. When she was 8 years-old, she loses her brother, when he was racing.

It was a hard time to her. To overcome the pain, she prometed to run to compensate for the victory of her brother.


  • Speed: 60%
  • Sweetness: 90%
  • Handling: 75%
  • Special Power: Cinnamissile


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Danish Kanellina From "kanek" (cinnamon)

シナモンナ マック トゥィスーパー

Shinamon na Makku to~u~isūpā

From English name
Brazilian Portuguese Canelinha McGomas

From "canela" (cinammon) in diminutive and "goma" (gum)

Russian Коричска Коффетий From "kорица" (cinnamon) and "конфет" (confetti)


Cukkora Édezéganig From "cukor" (sugar) and "édesség" (candy)

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