Citrus character 2

Citroonella is a smiley and curious girl that loves to bake cakes and launch fireworks in the end of the race. Her candy themes are citrus fruits, ice pops and ice creams. Her kart signature is the Citruscooper. The character design has been made by the user Monster High Vs Bratzillaz XD, but the character belongs to the user Toffetia123.


She is also in love with Gloyd Orangeboar. Her father is an owner of a firework factory, so thats why she likes to launch fireworks in the race.

Her mother is the famous recolor, Citrusella Flugpucker. She and her mother love to play snowboard in the Sundae Mountain. She suffers from a rare disease, called Hyperhisucrossis, but she does a treatment.


  • Her plush is citrus fruits scented
  • Her fans are antropomorphic ice cream scoops
  • Jeller Jujubyzees is her cousin
  • Arabic: "سيترونيلا أيس بوب" (seetrooneela ice pop).


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Romanian Citrînghețată From "înghețată" (ice) and "citric" (citrus fruit)

冰室内 水果了

Bīng shìnèi shuǐguǒle

From "冰" (ice) and "水果" (fruit)
French Citroonella Beaulle From "boule" (scoop)

シトルーネラ アイスポップ

Shitoronera aisupoppu

From English name
Brazilian Portuguese Citronella Casquinha De Sorvete From "ice cream cone"
Russian Ситрунелла Леденолодий From "Ситрунелла" (from original Citroonella) and "леденец (lollipop) united with "холод" (cold)
Spanish Citrulenna Helaruleta From "citrulina" (citrulline) and "helado" (cold) united with "piruleta" (lollipop)

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