City Of Love is a fanfiction created by VanellopeVonSchweetzFan about a race land that love was around it. City Of Love's name is taken from In The City Of Love Song from Phineas and Ferb, and also the main character's name was taken from the name of the girl named Isabella Garcia-Shapiro from P&F (Phineas and Ferb). One of the planned songs in this game's plot/episode was also taken from P&F. But, one of the racer's name was taken from the character's name from Gravity Falls.This game was possibly coming soon, but the characters can be created earlier.

This land is sweet, and so many signs of hearts are hanging and sticking there. Most of the racers own crush.

The Game

This game was racing theme just like Sugar Rush but it's not weird that the name is "City Of Love", because the land was a busy place and the shape of that land is heart. The player will race and at the end, the racer will get a cup and a shiny pink medal. And there's an extra thing, the racer's crush will be the racer's fan. And if the racer that is played by the player was the 1st, the racer will get up to 50 fans and one extra gold coin of City Of Love will appear in the game's coin pick place.

Playable Characters

  • Isabella Strawbarryty, the main character.
  • Jeremy Raspyflugger, Isabella's crush.
  • Eva Bronzefudge, the good mocha guy and Isabella's friend.
  • Foresty Candytaffy, the little bully guy that bullies Purpleberry Fudgystraw.
  • 'Purpleberry Fudgystraw', the guy that is bullied by Foresty and a grapehead girl.
  • 'Tambry Cherryapply', the red girl that likes apple to much.
  • Jenny Strawberryfudge, the sweet pinky guy.
  • Biscuitta Butterpie, the biscuitful Crumbelina diCaramello girl.
  • 'Spicy Pepperred', the pepperman.
  • Bluegums Bubbleball, the gumball racer that looks like Swizzle "The Swizz" Malarkey.
  • Sugary Cubespop, the sugary Adorabeezle Winterpop girl.

Songs for the plot

  • In The City Of Love (planned, but not so sure, this song was only played when an episode is played)

Other songs will come soon.


  • Both Sugar Rush Schweetzway and City Of Love are created by VanellopeVonSchweetzFan.
  • Some of the songs that will come soon may be written by user and the other user in the wiki, working together.

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