Coco Cadcrunch is fanon Sugar Rush Racer created by Sugarrushfan2Her friends are Gelatina La Woppleton  , Ginger Nutty
Coco Cadcrunch
Coco Wispa V.4
Full Name

Coco Chocolise Cadcrunch






Date of Birth

February 24th

Resides in

Sugar Rush

Sweet Treat Racing




Mia Wispa and Milo Wispa


Ginger Nutty


Gelatina La Woppleton , Ginger Nutty , Fiz Sodabubble , Nicola Sodabubble, Butterscott Mellbutter , Carrie Mellbutter and Toffeella Mellbutter

Portrayed By

Kaitlyn Dias

 and Fiz and Nicola Sodabubble.  
Her theme is milk , dark and white chocolate. Her kart is called the Chockett.


Coco Cadcunch; Chocolate dreams.

Race track champion, Coco always has a trick up her sleeve, whether she's hanging out with Gelatina , Ginger and the Sodabubble sisters , practicing her skills or racing through Sugar Rush, she always has a way to win the race. She adores racing and always wants to be in a good place so this can lead to her getting very competitive but if she had a choice between winning and her friends she'd choose her friends.


Coco is very feisty and quick witted, she always tries to find a quicker route, when she not on the track she is sweet, kind, and supportive to her friends but she can be easily angered. She always willing to teach new things to her friends and help others.

Realtionship to other Racers

Gelatina La Woppleton

She and Gelatina have been friends since they first started racing, Gelatina's multi talents often help Coco in situations, she is a her wing girl, Gelatina often gives her advice on how to improve in stuff, like stunting, speed and avoiding object thrown by the other racers.

Ginger Nutty 

As well as Gelatina, Ginger and Coco have been friends for a long time, Coco has crush on him and so does Ginger to Coco, he also helps Coco in tough situations.

Taffyta Muttonfudge

At first, Coco strongly dislikes her, they are rivals that hardly ever got along, they only work together if they have to, but mainly they have a strong rivalry due them both being very successful racers.

Later, they find out they are not so different after all , they apologize and befriends Taffyta.




  • She, Gelatina and Ginger have all created their own race tracks, Coco is Chocolate Garden, Gelatina has Woppleton Stadium, Ginger has Gingerbread Speedway.
  • Her name is based on the chocolate company, Cadbury.
  • She is mainly seen around Gelatina , Fiz , Nicola and Ginger.
  • She has a recolor called Sandae Marshakemellow.
  • She and Gelatina are the same age , 12 while Ginger is 13 , while the Sodabubble Sisters are 11 and 10.
  • Her art is by Sweet Eve.
  • She has a russian name:
Language Name Meaning
Russian Мокка Шокканизский From "молока" (milk) and "шоколад" (chocolate)