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Prepare for Battle Fix-It Rattata!

Colapop Town is the fourth episode of Adventures in Sugar Rush.


By the end of the afternoon, Twister and Brady finally reach Colapop Town.

Brady: Hey, look! I can see the village!

Twister: Yay! Finally!

The 2 run into the small town.

A old lady goes to met them.

Old lady: Hello, my dears.

Twister: Hi!

Brady: Hey there.

Old lady: Are you looking for Colapop's gym?

Twister: Hmm, not really.

Brady: Oh no! We totally forgot about it!

Twister: About what?

Brady: We don't have a place to sleep!

Twister: Oh my god, you're right!

Old lady: Don't worry, you can stay with me.

Brady: Thank you miss, but we don't want to bother you in your house.

Old lady: I bet you won't. 

The old lady walked into the right, as Twister and Brady saw a huge mansion.

Old lady: Don't be shy, come in.

Twister: Wow...

Old lady: By the way, my name is Margaret.

Brady: Nice to meet you, Ms. Margaret!

The 3 walked in the house. The night quickly raised.

Margaret: Alright, you choose your room. Good night.

Margaret said as she walked off into her room.

Twister and Brady ran all over the mansion, trying to choose one of the many rooms.

Twister: Found the perfect one!

Brady: Me too!

Twister: Night, Brady.

Brady: Good night, Twister!

The 2 walked into their rooms.

The next morning.

Brady, Twister and Margaret are eating breakfast, when Twister and Brady finish eating. They grab their bags and walk into the door.

Twister: Thank you for letting us stay with you, Ms. Margaret!

Margaret: You're very welcome, my dear.

Brady: Goodbye, Ms. Margaret!

Margaret: Goodbye, my dear. Do not misbehave!

The 2: We won't!

Twister and Brady said as they walked off the mansion.

Brady: Now... maybe we should go to that gym Ms. Margaret talked about?

Twister: Yeah, but first we should go to the PokéCenter to heal our Pokémons.

Brady: Ok!

The scene ends with Twister and Brady walking into the PokéCenter.

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