Confectionery Raceway is fan game created by Sugarrushfan2. 

It is another version of Sugar Rush but with new characters, tracks, and much more.

Play as over 25 different characters and explore the world of Confectionery Raceway!


  • Racing Mode
  • Battle Mode 
  • Party Mode
  • Code Mode
  • Challenge Mode
  • Creation Mode
  • Free Play Mode




Code Characters


Jelly Bean Cup

Chocolate Gardens

Jelly Bean Jungle

Cookie Island

Frosty Rally

​Milkshake Cup

​​​Cotton Circuit

Rock Candy Mines

Gumball Gorge

Milkshake Mall

​Nougat Cup

Sherbet Beach

The Milkyway

Nougat Circuit

Caramel Mountain

​Soda Cup

The Castle

Woppleton Stadium 

Soda Falls

Mount Snowconia 

​Gingerbread Cup

Liquorice Meadows

Sugar Square

Hard Candy Factory

Gingerbread Speedway

​Peppermint Cup

Peppermint Palace

Starburst Express

Popcorn Park

Muffin Hills

Taffy Cup

Taffy Bridge

Oranges Pinball

Mousse Motorway

The Candyon

Battle Arenas

Piñata Ruins

The Jolly Ranch

Pie Plaza

Woppleton Stadium

Muffin Hills

 Tarts Manor

Power Ups and Weapons 

  • Flying Saucers
  • Bon Bon Bombs
  • Mutant Marshmallows
  • Liquorice Hurricane
  • Cotton Daze

More ​Coming Soon


  • A sequel is possibly going to be made .
  • Some tracks will appear in Sweet Treat Racing.
  • Some of the tracks are also battle arenas too.


Though Sugarrushfan2 owns the game and majority of the characters , there are some that don't belong to her :

Monster High Vs Bratzillaz XD owns : Melissa Gummy-Goober , Pepster Von Schweetz , Goldy Charmlet , Gordon Charmlet and Evan Lee. Pinejuice.

Wreck-ItEve105 owns : Farri Rocher , Strawbetty Muttonfudge and Katrina le Dulces

Toffetia123 owns : Cadbetty Kracklebeanz