Cosmica Saucer V.2
Cosmica Saucer is a Fanon Sugar Rush Racer created by Sugarrushfan2.

Cosmica is amicable, happy and hyperactive girl with a wild and creative imagination.

Her theme is Flying Saucers and her kart is The Flying Saucer.


This girl is totally out of this world, she is hyperactive, smily and tries to get along with everyone, including the bullies, she liked flying around on her Cosmic Disk. . Her racing skills aren't perfect, but she likes to try. She's also somewhat artistic , she loves sketching planets and others things from outer space .


Cosmica is hyperactive and imaginative, always doodling little sketchs of outer space, she loves her Cosmic Disk. She tries to get along with everyone, including bullies. Her racing skills aren't perfect, but she's always want to try her best.



  • Her name comes from Cosmic.
  • The Cosmic Disk is a blue flying saucer which is Cosmica's second way of traveling (Her first is Kart.)
  • Her art was by Wreck-ItEve105.

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