Cotton character

Cottoky Lollerpop is a fearless boy and a handsome guy. He's a recolor of Swizzle Malarkey. His candy themes are Cotton Candies and Lollipops. His kart signature is the Cotterpop.


With a brave heart and a handsome style, the girls of Sugar Rush go mad with him. He learned be awesome this way, with Swizzle Malarkey. He isn't very good to control his kart, but he's very fast and sweet.

"I will call the police,because you stole my heart"-(Cottoky saying this to Citrusella before the race starts)

He's in love with Citrusella, in the final of every race, even she loses, he kisses her and give her a blueberry fruit.


  • Speed: 100%
  • Sweetness: 60%
  • Handling: 40%
  • Special Power: Lollipop Hammer


  • His fans are antropomorphic swizz rolls.
  • His plush is cotton candy scented.


Foreign Names

Language Name Meaning
Swedish Mjikke Slickårpinarr From "mjuk" (soft) and "slickepinne" (lollipop)
Bulgarian Чарбетти Пекочьпан From "червен" (red) and "пандишпан" (sponge cake)
Dutch Kaeken Streppanie From "koek" (cake) and "streppen" (stripe)
Slovak Ližakkon Kausnut From "lízatko" (lollipop) and "kousnout" (to bite)
Brazilian Portuguese Algodoky Pirulitinno From "algodão-doce" (cotton candy) and "pirulito" (lollipop) in diminutive
Finnish Jäästilli Häättanenn From "jää" (cold) and "hattara" (cotton candy)

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